Back To School

Well it is that time of year again when all the children go back to school.  That means many children will not only be walking down roadways and streets but also will be taking buses to school, that includes both school buses and local transit.  Every year no matter how much advertising and awareness is put out on this topic there are still mishaps and accidents. Therefore, even if this one small post on the corner of the internet brings awareness to a few people, or even one for that matter, then it is worth writing about. So please, slow down and remember that we have our young generation out there walking to school to get an education.  There is nothing more important then someone’s life, if you are running late, then leave earlier the following day, I cannot stress this enough.  Well enough of my rambling, if you have children, enjoy this time of the year. The peace and quite is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

Percy McDonald

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